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  • Kind Attention Department users and Bidders : As per G.O. No. 14, Telangana State Eprocurement portal goes LIVE ! Departments can start floating their Tenders in the new Eprocurement portal. For Assistance, pls. avail Helpdesk Support.

Departments - FAQs

Download Technical Guide for accessing https://tender.telangana.gov.in

How should I access eProcurement site?

Log-on to the internet and type the URL https://tender.telangana.gov.in, this will take you to the home page of the Marketplace. From there you could register as a contractor/ supplier. After registration, you could access the Tenders by using the UserID and Password, chosen by you.

Is my password secure?

Password is encrypted at the database level. It is known only to you. Even the System Administrator does not know your password. As a part of the security policy, we advise you to change the password frequently.

How do I change my password?

After logging into your account, you will find a link to Change the Password.

I've lost my password. How can I retrieve it?

Send a mail to the system administrator by clicking on "Forgot Password" and answering the questions.

What is the IT infrastructure required for us to implement TSeProcurement?

User should have a Dual Core / Core 2Duo Processor computer system and internet connection to access the https://tender.telangana.gov.in

How many Minimum Decryptions are required for Publishing Tender?

Minimum 2 decryptors are mandatory and maximum up to 32 decryptors it will support.

How should I upload the drawings of the work?

Divide the drawing into 2 or 4 parts and scan all the parts. Then, name each part and mention the final layout in the tender schedule.

How does the contractor submit the EMD required for the tender without disclosing his identity to the department as well as to other contractors?

The EMD details are known only at the time of Opening of the Bids. These details are not available any time before opening of the bids

How the tender document is made available to the contractors?

The tender document can be down-loaded by registered contractors after logging-in to Tenders Homepage and paying the prescribed tender fee for the purchase of tender schedule

Do you provide any training on the software?

Yes. We train few identified trainers from the department. They would in turn train all the users. You would find online help on the site. An interactive demo which guides you through complete process will be made available to you

Does the system hold all the tender documents submitted by the contractors?

Yes. It would be maintained online for specified period and periodically it would be moved to archive.

Is there any way to know the identity of the participants before opening technical bid?

No. The department users get to know the identity of the contractors only after opening of the technical bid

How should I access the bids submitted by the contractors?

Log into your account after the technical bid opening time and click on the lens against the specific tender. You will find the technical bids of all the contractors who have participated. You can select technical bid of each contractor and fill the evaluation report.

How is the power failures dealt, while opening bids?

To handle the power failure during opening of bids, UPS should be provided at each of the SE/CE office with sufficient backup.

Is there any provision to save the partially filled in forms (NIT etc.,) and be able to continue later?


Will the system be supportive enough for the amount of traffic expected?


If any problem in opening bids by me, whom should I contact?

You can refer to the online help. If the problem still persists, you can communicate to the system administrator, who would be available 24x7 hours.

Is there any provision to give rights/permission to another officer?

The department can decide the delegation of powers and the same can be incorporated in the software.

Is the system secured from unauthorized sources?

Data is highly encrypted and secured. IT E&C Dept. would authorize third party consultants to conduct regular audits.

Is system capable of generating required reports?

Yes. Based on the Department requests the reports are prepared and can be formatted as per the changing requirements.

Is automatic technical bid evaluation possible?

Yes. After the centralized contractor registration and database is established, automatic technical bid evaluation is possible.

Is automatic price bid evaluation possible?


Does the system provide the facility of receiving the clarifications from the contractors without disclosing their identity?


What frequency do you update the tender software?

It Depends on the Customization as per Departments required.

How will I come to know that my bid has been opened?

Regular audits are conducted by the authorized companies. As such the system is designed to provide much needed transparency and the information is widely available.

Is there any provision to track misuse of the system by any officer?

The system will not allow you to submit the same tender twice. However, you may edit your bid any time till the time of Closing.

How do I confirm that the specified class contractor receives the mail on NIT information?

The system does not allow your bids to be opened before the due date specified in the Tender Schedule.

Is there any provision to change or add new certificates to my bid after once submitting the bid?

Yes. After once submitting the bid, it would go to the server but it would be under your control to change/modify till the last date & time of submission. Please Click on 'Edit Bid" to do so.

How do I confirm that the specified class contractor receives the mail on NIT information?

The system would be instructed such that all the specified class and registered on eProcurement would receive an email regarding NIT. As well they can view the NIT gist on the home page.

Can I open the bid before the specified bid opening time in the NIT?


Is there a provision to postpone the scheduled last date & time of bid submission, technical bid and price bid opening?

Yes. There is facility to change the last date & time of bid submission, technical bid and price bid opening by issuing the corrigendum